A Church Plant in Madison County, Mississippi 

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Gospel Centered:

The good news about Jesus Christ is everything. It is the center of our lives and what brings us together. It is the lens through which we view all reality. It is the incredible, stunning, unexpected, beautiful, life-changing, propositional truth that God in Christ has redeemed sinners like us from sin and death. It is the story of a heavenly father sending his one and only son to take our place on the cross of death, pay our debts, forgive our sins, make us right, adopt us as sons and daughters, give us eternal life, and begin conforming us into the image of his son by the power of his spirit. This is good news.

Relationally Focused:

We don’t go to Church. We are the Church! We want everyone to experience this reality in the gathering of God’s people by the power of his Spirit. This is not just a meeting you attend or a place you enter. As believers, we are identified as the church. We are family, not simply another responsibility to be juggled alongside other commitments. Our love and commitment to one another should look and feel different than anything our unbelieving friends have ever experienced. Christian community consists of love, humility, honesty, accountability, and friendship. We are all broken and deeply flawed, so life together is never problem free, but we press on TOGETHER.

Theologically Reformed:

We understand that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, all for the glory of God alone. The Gospel is about God, not us. He acts, we respond. And even our response is a gift of faith birthed in us by God’s Spirit. Yes, good works flow from the Gospel, but they are not the cause of it. God has freely chosen to show grace to us through no merit of our own. He called us, saved us, regenerated us, forgave us, justified us, adopted us, reconciled us to Himself. This is good news!

Mission Minded:

We understand ourselves not only as a community gathered, but also as a community sent. Together we go out into the world carrying the message of the good news about Jesus, whether that is across the street or around the world. The entire tenor of our lives should bear witness to God’s work of redemption, from the way we work, parent, study, play, eat, or serve.

GRC Mission Statement:

The goal of GRC is to be a gathering of believers in Madison County with a strong Reformed orthodoxy and a vibrant community that is willing to engage our culture with the good news about Jesus.